Excerpt of Island Bound by Kiru Taye

Title:Island Bound

Author: Kiru Taye

Genre:Holiday, Multicultural, Contemporary, African

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Format: Ebook

Length: About 24,500 words


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Book Description:


When Christy Inemi-Spiff discovers that the man she vowed to love and honor has no such feelings for her, she is determined to cut her losses and move on with her life. A quick, quiet divorce is all she wishes….


However, Joshua has other ideas. He’s not ready to walk away yet, especially when he doesn’t understand why Christy wants out of their marriage. So he demands she agree to spend a quiet Christmas on a remote AfricanIsland with him, hoping they can salvage their relationship. If she still wants a divorce after these two weeks, he will let her go. But not before he’s had his fill of her.


But with the sparking tension between them, and the secrets behind the disintegration of their marriage threatening to explode, will either of them get their wish? Or will this season of good will show them what really lies at the bottom of their hearts?




“Why are you doing this?” she challenged. Her emotions rolled, making her feel unbalanced. It had been a long three months. And it seemed like today was only going to get worse.

“Christy, you know the reason. If you stopped long enough and thought about it hard, in your heart, you’ll know.”

“You can stop this.” She struggled to contain her anger. “You started this; you can end it.”

“I know, but I won’t.”

“You, you—” Enraged, she lifted a hand to slap him.

Joshua caught her hand midair, held it tight. Before she could react, he pushed her back against the wall, pinning her to it with his rigid body. Christy felt every bit of him, his strength, and his physical nature that he never bothered to hide.

“I think I have the perfect answer for all your bottled-up rage,” he said as he parted her thighs with his leg.

“Move,” she ordered, her throat dry and croaky, betraying her increasing apprehension.

Joshua had it easy. He was a man at home with his masculinity. She had never been able to resist him. He could have any woman he wanted. Sometimes, she wondered if he had, especially during their separation. She shouldn’t care if he’d been with anyone else. After all, her goal was a divorce. Still, she couldn’t suppress the intensity of her feelings. Perhaps her anger and hatred drove the concentration of her emotions.

“We have to get a few things sorted out first,” he replied.

He moved closer, his body flush against hers; his chest crushed her breasts, his thighs pressed against hers. Though she wore cotton trousers and a tank top, all of him stroked her.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she pushed against him.

He didn’t budge. “Just trying to relieve some of your frustration. That’s what all your aggression has been about, isn’t it?”


“Such vehement denial, when the evidence is so obvious.”

Her face stung with revealing heat as warm blood rose in her body. Mortified, she tried to move to shake him off, but only managed to get her body even more entangled with his.

Her breathing came in short snatches. She became more aware of Joshua, his hardness and heat.

“I hate you.” Her voice sounded strangled. Blistering white rage swept through her.

“You lie, sweetheart.”

He lowered his head, trailing his lips against her cheeks in a tormenting caress.

“You love me.”


About the Author:


Kiru Taye writes historical, contemporary and paranormal romances. Her stories are sensual and steamy, her characters passionate and sassy and her settings atmospheric and exotic. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, hanging out with family/friends or travelling. Born in Nigeria, she currently lives in the UK with husband and two children.


Website |


I just love author Amber Kell’s books! 🙂

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A new cover to admire. William’s House has gone to Total-E-Bound. This probably has the LEAST changes so don’t get unless you’ve never read it before. I am repubbing it and Modeling Death to make way for a third book in this series. 🙂

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When Writing: Laptop or Desktop Computer?

Honestly I have found that I get a lot more writing done on my laptop than I do on my desktop computer.


I have no idea. But I was thinking about it today and there are some pluses to writing on a laptop than there are to writing at a desktop computer.

  1. The key bored is more compact, together and the keys seem lighter. That may sound silly but, really, compare a laptop key bored and a desktop one sometime. Not to mention a laptop key bored is much quieter.
  2. When I am using the laptop I feel like all that exists on it is my writing. Like there is absolutely nothing else to do on it except write. That is totally not true of course, but it feels that way. Perhaps because I never do anything but write on it so I feel like when I go to the laptop it is time to write.
  3. There are no limits to where I can go on my laptop (as long as it is fully charged of course). I can be in the kitchen, living room, or even outside if the mood strikes me.

Those are the big three for me. I am sure if I thought I could think of more but these three really stand out to me.

Do you write on a laptop or a desktop computer? If you have both which do you prefer and why?

Excerpt: The Hero (Fone-Stories™ #3) by Mike Kearby



The HeroTitle: The Hero

Series: Fone-Stories™ #3

Author: Mike Kearby

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Publisher: Self

Format: Ebook

Words: 2500

Purchase: Amazon


Book Description:


John Simpson Despises Change, But on the Thursday Before Christmas, His Whole World Is About To Do Just That.




There was only one truth in life that John Simpson embraced completely and faithfully. It was an absolute that his thirty-one years on the planet had verified repeatedly without condition or limitation:

Change is never good.

John despised the notion of transformation. For John, change, and all of its trappings, existed only to be detested and treated with contempt.

He would have none of it.


And then on a snowy Thursday night before Christmas, John’s refusal to abandon past practices became the very catalyst that caused him to lose the essence of that particular way.

At 10:00 p.m. on that night, John discovered, to his great horror, that the adhesive backing on the plastic hook used to hold his stocking securely to the fireplace mantle had deteriorated to the point where it no longer adhered. The revelation induced a great anxiousness.

He searched through the kitchen drawer, which was specifically put into service to house duct tape, paper clips, and Scotch 3M Command Hooks™. But on this Thursday night, and to John’s great dismay, there were only the paper clips and the duct tape.

Refusing to consider any alternative, change if you will, John threw on his parka, rushed to his car, and headed for a 24-hour grocery located exactly one mile road from his house.

His condition would suffer nothing less.

Driving the speed limit, John covered the one mile distance in exactly one minute. He parked, as he always did, next to one of the cart returns. Although it was farther from the store’s front door, parking there was actually more efficient, saving him time when his shopping was completed. And even though John had come for a singular item, he would not deviate from his normal parking routine.

His condition demanded such.

Fifteen seconds later, he walked directly to aisle fourteen, where school supplies, mailing envelopes, and Scotch 3M Command Hooks™ could be found. He slipped a Two-Pak from the store hanger and exhaled a huge sigh of relief for command hooks in hand meant he had once more avoided alteration.

Thirty seconds after that, his anxiousness gone, John walked to the 10 Items or Less check-out counter, paid the clerk with exact change, and then walked out of the store and straight into disorder and upheaval.


About the Author:


Mike KearbyFrom Wikipedia: Mike Kearby (born 1952) is an award-winning American novelist and inventor. Since 2005, Kearby has published ten novels, one graphic novel, and written two screenplays: (2011) Boston Nightly, with fellow writer Paul Bright and (2012) The Devouring. Boston Nightly is scheduled for filming in Dallas in the spring of 2013.


Website | Vampyre Chronicles | Twitter: @mike_kearby |

Villain Guest Post & Excerpt by Joseph Spencer author of Grim

In Grim, Cyrus Black is just your mild-mannered organized crime kingpin who is trying to launder dirty money through his legal gambling enterprise, Black Widow Casino, and cement his wiseguy legacy by erecting a horse racing track in Prairieville.

Detective Adam White, Prairieville’s paragon of justice, has long been a thorn in Cyrus’ side. He’s so sick of the hero cop spoiling his plans that he’s decided to use his connections to do something about it. With Mayor Terry Sandburg wrapped around his finger, Cyrus uses his influence to try to take White out of the picture for good. When you have friends everywhere like Cyrus, it’s easy to pull strings and make everyone betray even the town’s most virtuous symbol of justice.

Reclusive millionaire Heath Grim also has vexed Cyrus. Grim owns the lands where Cyrus wants to build his race track, and refuses to sell no matter what enticements are offered. Cyrus suspects there’s something fishy about Grim. When all plots to force Grim to sell the land fails, Cyrus dismisses the chances that it’s a coincidence or dumb luck.

Cyrus’ plans begin to unravel when a nosey reporter confronts him with evidence of bribing and tampering public officials to get permits to build the race track. In a rage, Cyrus discovers his fancy new security system is a front for surveillance. A rat is sabotaging his best-laid plans, and he’s certain he knows who it is. When he sends his right hand man, Bruno DiGiorgio, whom he secretly loves, to take care of everything like he always does, Bruno goes missing. Surrounded by enemies and worried for the life of his unrequited love, Cyrus must fight to use all of his goons, crooked cops, and corrupt politicians to ensure his criminal genius is not undermined.

Title: Grim
Series:Sons of Darkness Series, Book 1
Author:Joseph Spencer
Crime, Dark, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller,
Publisher:Damnation Books
Book Description:
When everything is taken from him, Detective Adam White must choose what’s most important. Does he stick
to the heroic ideals which made him a famed paragon of justice and take down a murderous madman? Or does he give in to his vigilante impulses, avenge his
wife’s murder, and become the type of killer he’s hunted for so many years?



Adam heard a few sounds of Velcro peeling from its straps. Suddenly, Black Mask shed the mystery and ambiguity of his head gear. He became another mystery altogether. What happened to this guy? He looked like he’d seen hell, escaped, and doctored his face to give everyone else on Earth a preview.

Black Mask obviously suffered from rosacea because his skin was inflamed, swollen, and the angriest shade of red Adam had ever seen. A jagged circular scar similar to a clock face ran from Black Mask’s forehead down his cheeks to his chin. A vertical scar ran straight down the middle of his forehead and along the bridge of his nose. Two horizontal scars extended from the side of his nose and curved upward toward the temples. Two additional scars extended outward at angles from just under his nose, across his lips and ended on either side of his chin. All of the scars connected to the outer circular one like spokes to resemble a starfish shape. Adam struggled not to have any reaction, but failed to keep the corner of his mouth from inching up into a grimace.

Black Mask smirked and put his right hand up to his face. He pretended to be admiring himself in the mirror. “It’s okay, Detective. Your reaction is fairly common and a lot more subdued than most. Of course, I bet you’ve seen a lot of horrors in your line of work.

“So, you want to know the tale of Heath Grim, do you?”


About the Author:


Joseph Spencer is the author of the Sons of Darkness series launched by his debut novel, Grim, on September 1, 2012. Work on his second book of the series, Wrage, is already underway and is expected to be released some time in 2013.



The Sons of Darkness is a series of paranormal crime thrillers following investigations into mysterious deaths in the central Illinois city of Prairieville. Home of the notorious serial killer, The Reaper, Prairieville has had a history of violence centered on an ongoing feud between the Marino and Black organized crime families. When bodies start showing up again at the abandoned Marino State Hospital, many fear the Reaper has returned. The people of Prairieville are about to find out their problems stem from a supernatural source which has lurked in secret for decades.



As a boy, Joseph Spencer immersed himself in the deductive logic of Sherlock Holmes, the heroic crime fighting of Batman and Spider-Man, and a taste for the tragic with dramas from poets like Shakespeare and Homer.

Before Joseph took to spinning his own tales, he pursued a career in print sports journalism, graduating with honors from Clinton (IL) High School in 1996 and summa cum laude from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 2000. He covered such events as NASCAR’s Subway 500 race in Martinsville, the NBA Draft Camp in Chicago, the Junior College World Series, and Minor League Baseball’s Midwest League All-Star Game during a ten-year career throughout the Midwest. Now, he works as an emergency telecommunications specialist with an Illinois police department. The combination of years of writing experience with a background working with law enforcement professionals gave rise to his writing aspirations.

Joseph was married Dr. Amy (Waggoner) Spencer, an accomplished veterinary doctor, on March 14, 2012. He received word his debut novel was accepted by his publisher, Damnation Books, the next day. Joseph and Amy look forward to their honeymoon in Paris in September 2012. Murphy, a 15-year-old orange tabby, is perhaps the most vocal member of the family. The Spencer family enjoys reading Charlaine Harris, George R.R. Martin, Mary Janice Davidson, and most paranormal stories. The Spencers also enjoy quoting movie lines from The Princess Bride, Rain Man, Bridesmaids, and Office Space.


Website | Twitter: josephspencer00 | Facebook |


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Giveaway: Bonded by Ria Candro!




Bonded_CoverTitle: Bonded

Series: Mating Ritual

Author: Ria Candro

Genre: Futuristic Erotic Ménage Romance

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Format: Ebook

Words: Approx. 25,000


Ellora’s Cave

Book Description:

When Inara crash lands on a deserted planet, the last thing she expects is to run into two stunning men from the planet Spygia—who claim she is their mate. While she’d love nothing more than to indulge in a steamy encounter—or two or three—with these gorgeous hunks, she’s on the run from the barbaric Malucons who decimated her home planet of Chivea. And she’s on a mission to find her cousin, the only other Chivean survivor. Nothing, not even the promise of paradise to be found in the Spygians’ arms, is going to stop her.

When Inara refuses to be bonded to them, Neichon and Valeron strive to uncover what secrets she’s hiding before they unveil a few of their own. How will their reluctant mate react when she learns she’s destined for, not two, but four Spygian men?

Just so you know—this story contains explicit M/F/M and M/F/M/M/M scenes. Enjoy!

Bloodthirsty Muses

My Sooper Sekrit Kinky Alter Ego, A. Sangrey Black, has made another sale! W00t!

MLR Press has offered (actually, we’ve signed!) a contract for my m/m paranormal romance novella, DIE FOR YOU!  W00t! Do you think I woot too much? Oh well. 😉

DIE FOR YOU is the story of human Detective Gage Roberts and his vampire partner Jensen Holm, who are cops in the dark monster ghetto of their city, known as Undertown, where creepy crawlies are everyday citizens, and their morals — or lack thereof — make it a dangerous place for anyone to be. During a battle with a particularly deadly pair of jewel thief, mass-murdering demons, things go terribly wrong. Jensen puts his not-so-immortal immortality on the line to save Gage’s life, and it’s the turning point in a long-simmering passion that Gage has been repressing for a long time. The gruff Gage isn’t much for…

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